Every year hundreds of thousands of marine animals – such as sea turtles, seals, dolphins and whales – are harmed by ocean plastic pollution. Abandoned plastic fishing nets are a significant part of the problem. These nets can travel long distances from their points of origin and can remain in the ocean long after they are discarded, resulting in the entrapment and death of marine mammals, sea birds and fish. The result is an increasingly critical global threat to marine life.


Samsara is a Sanskrit word for the repetitive cycle of death and rebirth. It encompasses the concept of reincarnation and the fact that what an individual does in their current life will be reflected, through karma, in their future lives.

Our Samsara range is made from recycled nylon materials, harvested from ghost fishing nets and discarded carpets. By choosing these products you are helping to put a stop to the creation of plastic pollution. By repurposing it and eliminating the process of creating new and potentially harmful materials. 

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